Additional Information
If you are interested in making one of our puppies a member of your family, here is
some additional information that may be useful.

We normally keep the puppies inside for about 3 1/2 weeks and then they are
outdoors in our kennels, depending on the weather.

Prices of puppies are the same whether male or female, merle or not.  Included in the
price of the puppy is their 1st shot and routine de
-worming.  We do accept $50
deposits to hold a particular puppy and will refund the deposit if we do not have the
puppy requested.  We will NOT refund any dollars after the puppy has been picked up
and taken to their new home.  We do ask that when you pick the puppy up that you
sign a form agreeing that you do understand our refund policy.

We raise our Aussies for farms, families, companions, therapy work and they have
even been used for 4-H.  These are
not show standard Aussies, but are loyal, loving
companions and helpers.  

We do not dock tails as our past vet does not recommend the docking standard.  
These puppies are born with tails as nature intended.  We have had a natural docked
mother dog produce natural docked tailed puppies in the past.  At the present we do
not have any natural docked mother dogs.

If you are looking for a medium to large agility dog, herding dog, a playmate for your
children or a loyal companion, Australian Shepherds could very well be the dog for

Email Esther or Natalie at:  to ask questions at anytime.